1. Just open sourced a new Django project template based on all of the projects at work.

    Glad to get this monkey off my back - it’s going to make keeping the project drift between all of the applications in check. (Hopefully!)

    Pretty pleased with myself that I snuck a Hot Fuzz reference in the README.

  2. Offered as a counterpoint to a previous link -- maybe it's not all sunshine and roses in Web Component Land. All this tells me is I need to sit down and get my hands dirty so I can form my own opinion on them.

    In comparison to all the JS frameworks, Django's component story is really lacking. Lately I have wanted to do a deep dive in to Web Components to see if there was anything there that could make up some of that ground. (There is django-components which I have yet to try as well, and may fit well with proper Web Components as well.)

  3. Looks like I'm not the only one wanting to do more curation of interesting links on a site and domain I own. My main problem with links shared on any social media is the ephemerality of them - good luck finding a link you or someone has posted that wasn't shared within the past day or so.

  4. I appreciate people like Alex Russell who constantly fight against the behemoth that is React in the front-end ecosystem as it is today. As someone who actually likes a lot of what React brings to the table, I find myself agreeing with him more and more these days, even if I think he takes his vitriol a bit too far sometimes.

  5. Lately I've been leaning on Cloudflare Workers for solving simple problems. I wanted to redirect the domain I used to use as my primary domain to this one. All it takes it a single 19 line file and it's done! Admittedly I overengineered this one a bit, extracting the domain and status code to environment variables, when those are likely to never change, but I never miss an opportunity to overcomplicate something. 😁